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HR Transformation

    14 Jul
    3 Ways to Revitalise Your Performance Reviews

    Performance reviews are often the cause of negative feelings among employers and employees alike and there is temptation to do away with them completely. However, regular feedback remains a key part of successful employee performance. Businesses should instead seek to upgrade their current feedback system to help...

    05 Mar
    How to simplify HR processes

    Research shows too many employees are subjected to complex HR processes. The following tips offer simple solutions to ensure your staff are comfortable....

    27 Aug
    HR can help overwhelmed workers

    The 24/7 work environment is not creating productive business environments and is lowering employee engagement, according to a new Deloitte survey....

    marketing-board-strategy, HR technology
    16 Apr
    Caveat Emptor… The Marketing of HR technology
    How many times have you heard "Technology X is going to…save money, add value, deliver competitive advantage? Is this a shiny promise? Exuberance? Or just plain hype? There’s no doubt technology is in constant state of flux; a new wave of technology appears before you’ve had time to evaluate the previous. What’s more, time between waves is getting shorter. In many cases, these shiny new terms are merely repackaged terms, presented to a new generation of thought & opportunity. So how do you recognise & translate industry buzz, into real world value?
    15 Apr
    Press release: PaperlinX rolls out EmployeeConnect

    PaperlinX, the Australian paper company, has selected EmployeeConnect’s HRpro to support its transition to a shared services model for its Australian operations. PaperlinX recognised that in order to give HR a strategic role within the enterprise, they needed to align workforce management with business processes. They...