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Employee Performance Management

•  Agile Staff Appraisals & Reviews Online


•  Boost Productivity and Improve Employee Engagement Online



– Performance Reviews Done Your Way

Simple yet sophisticated, EmployeeConnect allows you to develop a smart framework to create tailored appraisals and deliver 360 degree feedback that aligned with your company objectives.


-Build Your Own HR. No Coding Required

We understand that your needs change. It’s a given in today’s world. So we’ve built our system to be flexible, highly-configurable and accessible for anyone. But that’s not enough. We’ve decided to hand over the same tools we use to build our HRIS to you. That means you now have the power to build processes to your specific needs regardless of your technical experience and ability. Whether it’s menus, forms, reports, workflow processes, many of the regular functions can be customised and transformed to meet the expectations of your changing workforce. And if you need a hand, we’re always a phone call away.

The State of Human Capital Management - HR Guide

Your roadmap to an empowered workplace contains:


  • A short history of HR practices
  • How to empower key stakeholders
  • What HCM success looks like
  • Why you need the right tools
  • The elements of a great HR system
  • How to empower employees
  • Notes on the future of human capital management


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