The State of Human Capital Management | HR Guide | EmployeeConnect
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The State of Human Capital Management

A Roadmap to the Empowered Workplace

Here’s what you’ll learn about Human Capital Management:


The recent changes to our world’s economy has made agile business management a clear necessity. This observation is equally true when it comes to human capital management. HR departments are now made accountable for their contribution to the growth of an organisation – and therefore need to develop impacting recruitment and people strategy to maintain and improve competitiveness.

HR technology plays a pivotal role in improving employee engagement and satisfaction, to ultimately drive positive business outcomes and reach higher performances in human capital management. Consequently, it’s important for business leaders to understand how to leverage this technology to create empowerment in the workplace. The goal being to create a better workplace that is more efficient and suits the needs of a diverse and global workforce.

The State of Human Capital Management - HR Guide

Your roadmap to an empowered workplace contains:


  • A short history of HR practices
  • How to empower key stakeholders
  • What HCM success looks like
  • Why you need the right tools
  • The elements of a great HR system
  • How to empower employees
  • Notes on the future of human capital management