EmployeeConnect Enterprise: Fully Customisable HRIS Solution
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Highly Scalable & Customisable – Cloud or On-Premise

Scalable, adaptive and highly customisable

As our most comprehensive package, our Enterprise package is a revolutionary tool in the world of HR. Need to ensure your business is servicing the needs of 1000 or more employees? Adopt this approach and never look back.


At Employee Connect, we understand the trials and challenges of optimising a workforce of hundreds. With this in mind, we have developed core HR software that can handle basic day-to-day tasks and offer seven unique functions to add various layers to your HR department.


Of course, business competition is heating up, which is why change is an important concept to embrace in the world of HR. There is simply no point remaining stagnant with legacy technology when a world-leading solution such as Enterprise + is on offer. Here is a snapshot of the key Enterprise + benefits.

SSS – Safe Secure Software

There is no doubt that the information that the HR department processes is private, confidential and potentially harmful if released. This is why business leaders need a solution that they can trust to secure data and information – Enterprise. Build an information flow that is strong and collaborative but also safe from unwanted eyes through role-based access on Enterprise.


Only those with special permission will be able to access critical data and information with secure logins providing entry to individual employees. Take no risk; make security a top HR priority.

HR Reporting Software

Learn the rights, not wrongs

The HR department can be described as the heart of any business – critical to functions and dependable. However, the heart can only operate with the help of other components. In the case of the HR department, this comes in the form of real-time business intelligence data.


Optimise decision making with strategic insights provided by users and apply detailed analytics to support various outcomes. With the right data on-hand, HR professionals can plan, comply, manage and model different situations and ensure their business is as productive as possible.

Changes, changes, changes

At Employee Connect, change is part our DNA. As well as constantly improving our own offerings such as Enterprise , we seek the same growth for your business and help move it through various lifecycles. As such, our team is always available to optimise your package to meet the needs of your environment. The trick for business leaders is to stay ahead of the curve. Through our smart and innovative approach, this can be a reality.


We crave challenges and regardless of the issue, we are confident that we can ensure our solutions put you in the best position moving forward.

Enterprise HR – you are in control

At Employee Connect, we have a philosophy around scalability, adaptability and customisation. Upon purchase, your HR department can decide what components are necessary and which ones add the most value to your operations. It is your business, your future and your decisions – make sure the software ticks all the right boxes.

Why partner with EmployeeConnect

Why Partner with EmployeeConnect?

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