Efficient Payroll Solution for Hong Kong & China
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HK/China Payroll


End the payroll grind

An Unprecedentedly Efficient Payroll System for HK/China

For the past two decades, traditional HR systems take hours to process payroll calculation. If something goes wrong, the system would have to reverse and calculate again. Reluctantly, HR managers would have to wait for another couple of hours. It seems that many HR people are used to this “norm” that keeps them waiting. But with technology advancement and the birth of EmployeeConnect Payroll, the so-called “norm” should no longer exist!


Optimal performance


EmployeeConnect Payroll takes full advantage of the multi-core CPU server technology of Intel® and internal logical and arithmetic algorithm of Microsoft® SQL Server enterprise to offer a very fast formula for payroll calculation, which can be performed in parallel instead of one by one. As a result, payroll calculation can be completed in split second regardless of payee size! For example, payroll of 1000 employees can be completed in just a couple of minutes. With the powerful system in place, sitting and watching the status bar rolling for hours will become a part of history!


EmployeeConnect Payroll allows HR managers to quickly and easily process payrolls based on their organization’s required frequency and the parameters they set, leaving little margin for human errors. It also greatly reduces preparation time in each payroll cycle, freeing up time for HR managers to focus on other core businesses.


Compliance, flexibility & automation


The system goes the extra length to offer HR managers flexibility in handling their tasks in a more efficient and accurate way, making sure everything complies with internal policies and local legislations. Rules due to local legislations are prebuilt into functions that can be called upon when formulae are being set up or can be changed upon request, for instance MPF, leave pay or minimum wage adjustment, etc.


Payroll is not limited to simply an employee’s salary. It is a total compensation package where salary, bonuses and benefits are incorporated. Once the system is set up, different items can be bundled into the package and many parts can be automated to reduce errors and delays. For example, payment and deduction can be predefined to be included into calculation at a regular interval, minimizing the administrative effort and error that may occur.


Another headache of HR managers is to manage ad-hoc payment, deduction due to staff movement, benefit package review, etc. Leveraging the flexibility of embedded functional call of SQL Server Enterprise, payment or deduction can be linked and derived directly from information stored in other systems such as deduction due to lateness logged in the attendance system.


Unique back-pay function


It is common and inevitable when deviation in previous payroll cycle occurs due to retroactive employment, leave or other benefit changing operation. In this case, a payroll system with a backup function is crucial. For EmployeeConnect Payroll, the backup period can be as long or as short as one defines. The system compares items declared by the users who need to take into backup consideration one by one during the backpay period. Empowering by the efficient system with parallel processing capability, even complex operation can be completed in several minutes!


Employee Self-service and mobility


Employee Self-service (ESS) function and mobile application (for Android, iPhone and Windows 10 Mobile) are also added to the system for greater user-friendliness and efficiency. Payment advice is published automatically and can be downloaded into PDF format from the ESS function and mobile app; tax return form as required by local legislation can be consolidated and filed to statutory bodies (e.g. Inland Revenue Department) in their own specific format. It can also be published to staff upon request and be downloaded from ESS and the mobile app.


In addition, expense claim, OT claim, online payslip and leave application etc. are available from ESS or the mobile app. Submission and approval can all be done with the app, which is very convenient and time-saving.


Business Intelligence


As a Microsoft® trusted partner, EmployeeConnect adopts the best-of-breed Microsoft Power BI, a suite of business analytics tools to analyze data and share insights in the system. Data are connected into useful cube and analysis, where cut and dice can be performed even without the assistance from IT or analyst experts. HR managers are facilitated to monitor the business and get answers quickly with rich dashboards available on every device, while it also allows managers to have instant access to workforce demographics, performance and remuneration that is highly complete and accurate.


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