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 Streamline HR Processes with
Cutting-edge  HRIS

EmployeeConnect Enterprise – the ultimate solution for HR optimization

Compliant to Ever evolving Legislations & Internal Policies


There is no doubt that the role of HR is getting more strategic and complicated. To facilitate HR professionals to meet their challenges, EmployeeConnect Enterprise, an enterprise-class modular solution, well addresses HR local needs for optimized workforce planning to ensure government and internal compliance, for example 418, 713, minimum wage, standard working hours, etc., equipping HR professionals to drive processes forward while eliminating barriers that hinder them from driving real business values for their organizations.


Accuracy & Workflow Centricity


With the system in place and a centralized approach adopted, not only HR managers, but also employees and managers are actively involved in the HR processes, eliminating manual paperwork and offering more complete and updated information to all users. Everything is flexible where enquiry of personal information can be made anytime and change to workflow whenever is needed.


Managers, based on hierarchy, can also acquire particulars of their subordinates without bothering HR, while the scope can be defined by HR for sensitive information. Besides automating and simplifying existing HR processes, the centralized repository also maximizes workflow efficiency, making sure that workflow is accurate all the time when people come and go from position to position with zero maintenance effort, in addition to perfect match with internal policies and labor legislation, such as minimum wage, standard working hours, etc.


Unrivaled flexibility and scalability

EmployeeConnect Enterprise is a scalable modular HR information system built on leading-edge Microsoft® technology. With the best software architecture, it integrates flexibility and functionality – web service calls between other systems, internal portal, accounting systems, etc., in the meantime the multi-tiered metadata design ensures the greatest flexibility to address your most special needs by embedded non-proprietary programming yet retaining the integrity of sources code.


Empowering by the latest parallel processing of hardware and Microsoft® SQL server technology, the system greatly shortens a typical payroll process from hours to a couple of minutes!



From Administrative to Strategic Talent Management


The best-in-class HR solution simplifies a wide range of common HR tasks and talent management best practices, from recruitment, performance management, training & development across multiple departments, to succession planning.


For example, the benefit module seamlessly ties together employee benefits, leave management, remuneration and payroll to tackle administrative processes more efficiently and cost effectively than ever before. Among the range of HR functions, leave management is the most frequently used one. It is important that all types of leave (whether sick leave, annual leave or maternity leave) complies with both internal policy and local legislation. Without special request, the server of EmployeeConnect Enterprise quietly performs all calculation/accrual daily to offer a correct yet accurate projection for use by HR managers and employees. Unlike most of the systems in the market that are limited by outdated technology, leave balance can be projected correctly and accurately even with retroactive entries. So no more time-consuming month-end or year-end process and everything goes automatic! Furthermore, the easy-to-use leave calendar and peer leave calendar make work arrangement clear at a glance.


Strategic Planning & Business Intelligence


By leveraging on the best-of-breed Microsoft Power BI, a suite of business analytics tools to analyze data and share insights, data are connected into useful cube and analysis, where cut and dice can be performed even without the assistance from IT or analyst experts. HR managers are facilitated to monitor the business and get answers quickly with rich dashboards available on every devices, while giving managers instant access to workforce demographics, performance and remuneration that is complete and accurate.


Several drag and drop action, reports, charts, slicers or even maps can be formed in split second, with each part being interactive with one another for cutting and dicing. Alternatively, drag and drop can be done with your most familiar tools like Excel, Power View or Power Pivot.


 Easy-to-use mobile application


Given the growing mobility of workforce, employees no longer stay in front of desktop computers every day. EmployeeConnect Enterprise offers mobile app for Android, iPhone and Windows 10 Mobile. All employee self service is available online, including leave application, enquiry, online pay slip, ESS functions, etc., submission and approval can all be done with the app!


What makes the system different is that it enables customization and modification. Unlike typical rigid mobile apps, policies can be set in the system and be automatically translated into its mobile version. We are here to fit you needs and connect you and your staff anytime anywhere!

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