Thames Coromandel District Council Case Study - EmployeeConnect HRIS
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About This Project

Kiwi Government Authority Collaborate Employees using a Hosted HR Solution

Using hosted solution is not new to New Zealand’s businesses; most businesses have been using a hosted solution since the early 90s. Government authority, like Thames Coromandel District Council, is catching up to this wave and also encouraging other businesses to follow.


“We are pleased to use EmployeeConnect hosted HR services. Since we first used EmployeeConnectTM, everyone is happy with no concern on security. I would say using a hosted solution will be the upcoming trend and it is just as secure as using Online Banking services. With this concept in mind, you can ease your concern on security and in the long run, you would definitely find the true benefits brought by using a hosted solution.” Commented by Steve Mansell- Human Resources Manager of Thames Coromandel District Council.


Thames Coromandel District Council is the first district council in New Zealand. They are taking care of the environment protection, providing management services for beaches, landscapes, bushes and bridging community to the rising awareness of environmental concerns. With 223 employees scattered across different service centers in New Zealand, Thames Coromandel District Council needed an HR system to consolidate employee’s records, and to enable both managers and employees self-services. In 2007, Thames Coromandel District Council picked EmployeeConnectTM to provide a hosted HR solution.


EmployeeConnect hosted HR services provides stable performance and it is highly secured. Another attraction of EmployeeConnect hosted HR services is it is good value for money and with a complete spectrum of HR functions that meets our needs.” said Steve.


Steve has been using EmployeeConnect hosted HR services for 3 years, he commented that the solution is remarkably beneficial to the council. EmployeeConnect hosted HR services not only enables employee self-service, but also keeps track of all employee’s records so that employee’s history can be retrieved by managers and executives whenever they want.

Our workload in the HR department has since been reduced after using EmployeeConnect. Reports generated from the web enables quick data analysis which speeds up manager’s decision. With an affordable monthly subscription fee, we can now do better budgeting.” Steve commented.


Comparing a hosted solution with on-premises solution, Steve said that the benefits of using hosted services are greater than an on premises one. You can’t believe how EmployeeConnect hosted HR services creates value for our council. First of all, it definitely saved a lot of hardware and software costs. Second, our IT staff involvement in the upgrade and maintenance process is minimal. Third, the availability of EmployeeConnect hosted HR services is very high and with minimal downtime.”


Thames Coromandel District Council is now looking at additional modules to add into EmployeeConnect. With the upcoming trend of a cloud solution, Steve is about to deploy the recruitment module of EmployeeConnect within the coming years.



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