HR Software Implementation at Amcor, Case Study - EmployeeConnect
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About This Project

Amcor: One of the Earliest Adopters of Hosted HR Solution

Australia’s businesses have started using hosted solution since 1990s. One of the earliest adopters of hosted HR solution is Amcor.


“Amcor has been putting our personal information, including employees’ confidential information, like contract and payroll details on hosted for 6 years and never has a dispute on security issue. Though when we first used EmployeeConnect hosted HR services in 2004, some managers started questioning about the data security. However, with years of experiences, we believe that by using EmployeeConnect hosted HR services, data is highly secured and in our full control.” Sandy commented.


As one of the world’s top global packaging companies, Amcor is operating in over 43 countries with 35,000 employees worldwide. With the acquisition of Alcan Packaging, from Rio Tinto in August 2009, Amcor extended its packaging businesses to global pharmaceutics and food packaging all over Europe and Asia. With over 150 years of experiences, the annual turnover of Amcor reached AUD$14 billion last year, which further anchored its leading position in packaging industry. Amcor selected EmployeeConnect as its hosted HR solution to manage its 2300 staff scattered all over different continents.


Choosing EmployeeConnect hosted HR services, Amcor not only saves cost in HR operation, but also reduces IT resources in taking care of the system. Software upgrade and maintenance are taking care of by EmployeeConnect specialists, Amcor’s involvement in maintaining the solution is just minimal.


Marching forward, Amcor will continue to use EmployeeConnect hosted HR services instead of on premises solution. The benefits are obvious; spending per year on hardware, software and other operating expenses have been greatly reduced. EmployeeConnect provides excellent services to Amcor since the project started. From solution selection, to continuous support, EmployeeConnect gives us a complete peace of mind. A very high service level has been maintained which completely relieves our concern in security…we do trust EmployeeConnect.” said Sandy.


Until today, Amcor is using four hosted solutions to manage its mission critical operations including EmployeeConnect. With continuous expansion of our business, we will deploy more EmployeeConnect modules for bettering employees’ collaboration and cope with the growth.Sandy added.



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