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Cloud Computing: More Than Just a Fad

Highly secure and flexible hosted HR solution for enterprises in all sizes


We know your pain and we are the solution.


Nowadays the role of HR is getting more demanding. In addition to the heavy workload of daunting paperwork, tiring calculations and administrative effort to ensure compliance of complicated legislations such as 418, 713 and the minimum wage, plus the management of a more mobile workforce, business leaders are asking HR professionals for more strategic input. All these lead to the ever-increasing complexity in HR management.


We understand well the pain of HR people and thus we are here to offer EmployeeConnect Cirrus™, an all-in-one solution that enables HR to respond to the increasing expectation from their business leaders, while doing more to support operational excellence, revenue growth and the implementation of more effective HR strategies.


Most updated system at affordable price


Good traditional enterprise-class systems are usually complicated and expensive, yet requires a long period of deployment, thus not every enterprise can afford the costs. But if you step back to locally developed systems that are still using the technology we used 20 years ago, it can hardly deal with today’s complex HRM problems.


Empowered by Microsoft® Azure™ and Power BI™, EmployeeConnect Cirrus™ is a secure and reliable HR solutions that integrates a series of business-boosting features. It is as comprehensive as EmployeeConnect Enterprise™, just like its cloud-based version! With a highly affordable monthly subscription fee, enterprises, regardless of their sizes, can already enjoy the benefits of Microsoft® state-of-the-art cloud technology.


Zero hardware maintenance + FREE upgrade


Many might compare the monthly subscription fee for several years to a lump sum investment to calculate the cost effectiveness. But one should not overlook the hidden cost of on-premise investment including software maintenance fee, investment on data storage and back-up solution, etc., which can be a huge sum of money! With EmployeeConnect Cirrus™, massive investment in hardware and software is no longer necessary and HR professionals can focus their resources and attention on core businesses.


Meanwhile, we offer continuous free upgrade of the system as part of our service to not only ensure the availability of the latest system features, but also to adapt to changes of local legislations and compliance requirements. Therefore, enterprises are exempted from high and endless cost of maintenance and housekeeping. With exposure to the latest cloud technology all the time, all the data you need is just a click away.


Customization – a UNIQUE version for you


Unlike other hosted or cloud-based solution where no modification or customization can be performed, EmployeeConnect Cirrus™ is comprehensive and very flexible that it enables complex or unique policies to be embedded into the system. Thanks to our best software architecture – the multi-tiered meta data design that offers the greatest flexibility to address your most special needs by embedding non-proprietary programming yet retaining integrity of the sources code. In other words, everybody shares the same powerful and robust server farm but is not using the same thing. You have your own unique version!


While you have your own system, you also have ownership of all your data! We understand your staff data are valuable and should be kept confidential. To maintain privacy of customer data, we adopt the world’s first code of practice for cloud privacy – ISO/IEC 27018. With EmployeeConnect Cirrus™, you have your own file storage where your data are saved separately and will not be mixed with data of other customers. Copies of your data are available upon request. This means you are in total control of your own data.


Global security standard – highly reliable


We always care about system security and work closely with Microsoft® to ensure a global standard of security and reliability of EmployeeConnect Cirrus™. Microsoft® Azure™ meets a broad set of international and industry compliance standards, including ISO27001, HIPAA, FedRAMP, SOC1 and SOC2, as well as country-specific standards such as IRAP in Australia, G-Cloud in the UK and MTCS in Singapore, etc.


Moreover, Microsoft® has invested multi-billion dollars to set up seven self-built data centers worldwide. In Asia, the Hong Kong and Singapore centers offer mutual support for a service commitment of 99.97% with less than a few hours downtime per year. Even if the system really goes down, other centers in other regions will have back-ups to prevent loss of data, so it is highly reliable!

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