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Timesheet management System

Keep track of employee time and attendance in one simple tool.

– Easily collect & verify timesheets


– Employee time tracking


– Automated leaves and holidays


– Reduce the admin in your life


– Intelligent Approvals and Notifications

Managing employee timesheets is a necessary but often incredibly time-consuming part of operating an HR department.


Employees expect an accurate record of their hours worked to be kept at all times, but the actual process of taking timesheet information and entering it into company systems can be exhausting.


Inputting timesheet data manually takes a long time, and often results in errors and miscalculations that can lead to more lost productivity and unhappy employees.


Ensuring that this entire process is handled digitally slashes those time requirements significantly, and also reduces the risk of human error, meaning your timesheet records will be more accurate and precise.


The best part is that HRMS timesheet app are configurable to the requirements of your business, ensuring that you can customise your set up if necessary to ensure optimal results.

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Collect and approve your employee timesheets anywhere, anytime

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Measure Employee Loyalty

How likely are your employee to recommend your organisation as a place to work? This question forms the basis of the eNPS or Employee Net Promoter Score. It is sent to your staff on a quarterly basis to monitor their loyalty and attachment to your brand.

Anonymous Response

There’s so much you can learn about your organisation. But employees can only express themselves freely when they know they are in a safe place to share their opinions. Employee engagement survey responses are collected anonymously to optimise response rate and encourage an honest and authentic feedback.

Access Real-Time Data

Be data driven with access to a complete engagement dashboard which provides live and updated data. Compare the engagement level of your different departments or teams easily to detect any issue early on.

Mobile Friendly

Employee engagement surveys are emailed directly to your employees’ inbox, making it easy to answer and increasing response rate.

Perfect-Fit Surveys

We understand that each company has a different story. That is why you can create your own questions and edit our pre-set survey questions to adapt to the culture and values of your organisation.

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Cloud based or onsite, best practice HR processes with with flexibility & control in your hands

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Why Partner with EmployeeConnect?

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