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    18 Jul
    Building the HRIS business case in tough times

    This article is first published in HR Leader magazine - issue 171. Q: Given the current economic crisis all our IT purchases are heavily scrutinised, if not frozen. What tips can you give me on justifying an HRIS purchase? A: An effective HRIS strategy will help your...

    hr expert
    03 Jul
    Ask the expert- HRIS Project Plan

    In the Ask the Expert column of July 2009 Newsletter, Ari Kopoulos, National Sales and Marketing Manager, will answer one of the questions raised by a number of our newsletter subscribers. Read beyond to see what our expert recommends. This article is first published in Human...

    06 Jun
    The future of HR technology

    Predicting the future of any technology is a difficult task. Even the most gifted thought leaders in the industry have often got it wrong. But if we consider the factors involved – changing business needs, market forces, and the evolution of the internet – the...

    15 Apr
    Press release: PaperlinX rolls out EmployeeConnect

    PaperlinX, the Australian paper company, has selected EmployeeConnect’s HRpro to support its transition to a shared services model for its Australian operations. PaperlinX recognised that in order to give HR a strategic role within the enterprise, they needed to align workforce management with business processes. They...

    11 Mar
    Buying a HRIS: SaaS Vs inhouse?

    This article is first published in Human Resources magazine - issue 165. Q: Our company has determined that we need a HRIS and now are deciding whether to go with a hosted, SaaS model or purchase the software that will run in-house. What factors should we...

    10 Feb
    Hawaiian selects EmployeeConnect

    Hawaiian, a WA property management company, has selected EmployeeConnect to automate its HR functions by driving self service HR with HRexpress. Established in 1993, the company has proactively managed its portfolio which includes retail, commercial and industrial property. The Hawaiian business also focuses heavily on property...

    02 Oct
    The Australian HR Awards 2009

    We would like to extend our congratulations to the Steinhoff Asia Pacific HR team on winning the EmployeeConnect Award for Best Overall Use of Technology. Also, sincere congratulations to Hungry Jacks, who were “Highly Commended”. We at EmployeeConnect applaud the innovation demonstrated by both companies...

    23 Sep
    Sydney HR Summit 2009

    The Seventh Annual HR Summit this year was held at the Sydney Convention & Exhibition Centre. The conference was spread over two days allowing delegates to learn from the very best HR professionals from all over the country as well as to meet with numerous...

    27 Jun
    AHRI National Conversation 2009

    This year the AHRI National Convention was held at the Sydney Convention & Exhibition Centre. The 2009 two-day program was well-organised and brought together a range of international and local thought leaders to share their new ideas in business and research, provided insight into the...

    05 Dec
    Managing HRIS Change Management

    This article is first published in Human Resource magazine – issue 162. Our organisation is about to deploy a new HRIS which includes Employee Self Service (ESS) and we have been told to spend a significant amount of change management. Why is this and how do...