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Strategically enhance your recognition and reward structure

Remunerations Design to Reward & Motivate

It sounds so simple, but it couldn’t be more true. Properly administering your payroll budget is key to attracting and retaining the best team members for your organisation. How you manage employee remuneration will have significant implications for your business. Pay your employees too little, and it won’t take them long to become someone else’s employees instead. Pay them too much, and you’re incurring unnecessary overhead expense. The key is to develop the competency and skills of your employees and reward them appropriately with salary and other benefits.

EmployeeConnect provides a remuneration module to help you better manage this vital aspect of your business, while allowing the flexibility to reward employees with non-cash benefits in addition to competitive salaries. By linking employee performance reviews, salary levels and position budgets, this module enables you to make the most informed decisions possible about the worth and compensation of each employee on the team. Optimising and streamlining the performance and salary review process with these modules will grow the efficiency and motivation of the organisation as a whole and each employee on staff. It’s just one more way to fully know and analyse your bottom line, to make the system work smarter for you.

Link Pay To Performance

EmployeeConnect Remuneration

Flexible Package Management

Wizard Driven Salary Packaging

Embrace complete flexibility and control of packagable salary elements and benefits linked to your payroll system. Build unique packages with top down, bottom up modelling and review algorithms.


Accuracy, Measurement and Transparency

Review Your Entire Organisation With One-Click


Reduce Administration, Increase Productivity

Simplified Salary Review

Automate review periods and approval workflows with complete control and transparency. Easily set budgets, scales, increase matrix, bonus and custom reward scenarios allowing managers to execute reviews under ‘real’ or ‘what if’ conditions.

Social Employee Recognition Badges

Improve Accuracy, Activate Visibility

Accurate, consistent and employees informed

Have confidence that high performers are recognised and rewarded in a meaningful way by linking performance with salary review. Suggest defined percentage increases based on the overall performance rating and applied at the different components and salary levels within grades. Depending on controls, managers can apply increases and bonuses in an objective, transparent manner.

Use the online reports, forms and workflow to ensure that managers are aware of salary reviews and are equipped with all of the information needed to complete the task efficiently and on time.

Everything you need to build a world class workforce

Cloud based or onsite, best practice HR processes with with flexibility & control in your hands

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