HR payroll integration: KeyPay - EmployeeConnect
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Integrate with KeyPay

Extend your KeyPay investment with seamless integration


Seamless EmployeeConnect KeyPay Integration


KeyPay’s quick and easy online features makes processing all that is needed to manage your employees to efficient levels. These include scheduling of timesheets, time and attendance, payroll and various others. EmployeeConnect & KeyPay combined together on a cloud based system strives to coordinate and empower employees, fosters for growth and development to add essential value.




What is KeyPay

KeyPay’s simplistic functions integrated with Rostering & Award interpretation adheres to offering multiple tools for small businesses, ranging from:


  • Flexible accessibility from any device such as your PC, Mac, smartphone or tablet.
  • Distinctive award rates pre-built and ready for you to coordinate such as pay, leave and superannuation rates and conditions.
  • Reducing your costs and time spent on fundamental functions to manage your employees such as rostering, payroll and more.


Find out more or try KeyPay for free.

Why EmployeeConnect and KeyPay?

Employee Self Service

Our integrated workflow engine connects your people with your HR process, policy and content. The HR process revolves around your employees and managers, deploying the daily transaction and operational processes down the line so you can focus on more strategic activities.

Leave Management

Benefit from integrated leave management that allows employees to make all types of leave requests under your leave rules. Seamless integration sends approved leave requests automatically into payroll offering greater visibility over all leave types with smoother approval processes.

Paperless Onboarding

Complete and track online progress of the entire onboarding process well before candidate start date with online forms, checklists and workflow that automate all your tasks and paperwork. Enforce company wide compliance, transparency and engaging candidate experience with your brand.

Workflow Driven HR

Go paperless creating efficiencies with rules driven workflow automation. Employee information can be entered and updated by employees themselves based on established rules through online forms. Keep track of all important data including licenses and accreditations online.

Powerful Analytics

Real-time data driven decisions are at the core of strategic agility; So we bring your HR data to life with instant access to accurate workforce metrics and dashboards across the entire HR process, so you can identify the patterns and trends to stay ahead of the competition.


We know there’s no such things as one size HRIS; So to cater for your bespoke preference and user experience, we make customisations as easy as possible. But that’s not enough, so now we offer you all tools you need on demand to craft your unique HRIS story.

 Connecting to KeyPay is as simple as 1,2,3


Just follow few simple steps to easily connect with your KeyPay Account

  • 1. Login to your EmployeeConnect account
  • 2. Go to System Management from the Menu and click on Integration, Select KeyPay
  • 3. Enter your KeyPay credentials


Once you see a successful message; just follow the on-screen instructions to further Import Master Data, Payslips, Leave Balances and Leave Transactions

Find out more or try KeyPay for free.

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