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FREE Online HR Software – Streamline Processes – Go Paperless

Your journey to Cloud Based HR Software starts here…

Let your employees manage and control their own data online with our  Free, easy-to-use, Online HR Software, Kiosk from EmployeeConnect.


If your HR department is constantly pushed for time and resources, it is time to take a good look at the processes and examine where improvements can be made. With many elements to consider all business leaders need to ensure vital functions don’t fall by the wayside.


This is certainly where our new entry level, free, online HR management solution, can add value to your department and the enterprise as a whole. As a cut down version of our popular cloud based HR System,  Kiosk focuses solely on the employee and ensures they can manage their own functions with a simple click of the mouse.


Kiosk can also be used as an introduction into a cloud-based HR Software.


Read on to learn about the many features of Kiosk as part of your HR department.

Tap into the power of integrated workflow

Kiosk is designed using the EmployeeConnect workflow engine. Put simply, this approach is all about user approval and participation within various HR applications such as online communications and employee self-service.


This robust end to end system allows information to flow between parties with ease and in accordance with functional reporting line and unique business rules. Any process that requires review, approval and confirmation can run through the interactive Kiosk system.


The secure online HR employee portal can be accessed at any time from any location allowing your team to be in control of their details and information relevant to them personally.

Employee Management

Recruitment – save, not spend

An important part of Kiosk is the employee self-service module. In the past, obtaining, updating and maintaining personal employee information and other details was a tricky process and one that was prone to human error.


However, through Kiosk, these issues can be a thing of the past. Through employees using their secure and personalised login details, workers themselves can view, update and manage their entire profile.


Instead of following endless paper trails or trying to get in contact with hundreds of employees, your HR department allows workers to handle this process in their own time.

Development – with a twist

 Alternatively, Kiosk can also help managers manage more effectively. Just as employees have access to information in real time, SME leaders are able to login to the cloud based HR system to view employee information, produce various reports and make different entries.


Having this data available on the click of a mouse is fantastic for busy and growing businesses who require updated information in an instant. Here is a snapshot of what processes managers can access via Kiosk.


  • Leave Management
  • Leave accrual
  • Employee leave history & balances
  • Leave Gannt chart
  • Sick leave statistics
  • Excessive leave balances
  • Employee Details
  • Timesheets by employee
  • Employee payroll details
Employee Portal
Employee Management

Want to Learn More?

This entry-level, paperless option is the perfect stepping stone to the wider products available from Employee Connect.


If you or your business would like to learn more about our Free Kiosk offering, get in touch with us today.

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Why Partner with EmployeeConnect?

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