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WHS Software – Work Health & Safety

Build a safety culture by empowering your people.

Make Safety A Mission

Workplace Health and Safety is a corporate responsibility that cannot be ignored. All employers have a duty of care to their employees and site visitors.


Where this duty of care is breached, courts have awarded substantial payouts to employees to compensate them for loss of income, pain and suffering. Should this happen, organisations don’t just incur financial losses, but also suffer from negative publicity, reduction in company morale, and possible industrial action. And all of this is in addition to the potential human costs of accidents.



While it will never be possible to prevent all accidents, having a strong WH&S strategy and accountability can greatly minimise your risks. With EmployeeConenct’s  WH&S module, we can help your company identify risks and develop mitigation strategies, as well as tracking all accidents and incidents throughout the organisation.


If a significant accident does occur, our tools can track costs and return to work dates for the employees involved. You can also streamline communication to inform the WH&S committee members whenever incidents are reported or risks are identified, which means that your WH&S manager will have all relevant information at their disposal.

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What Gets Recognised Gets Repeated

Employee Recognition Dashboard

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green check icon   Manager to Employee Recognition

green check icon   Manager to Team Recognition

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Get Social, Share Stories

In order to anchor a culture of performance in your company, celebrating every success is essential, no matter how big or small. EmployeeConnect makes employee recognition and communication a transparent practice. Inspire the members of your organisation by publishing recognitions publicly to your company’s activity stream. Let peers and managers send cheer messages a hit the “heart” button to amplify the message.

Foster Positive Work Relationships

Positive relationships are central to employee motivation. EmployeeConnect provides the necessary tools your managers need to send kudos to their people so they feel appreciated. Encourage a collaborative spirit by praising team efforts. Facilitate peer-to-peer recognition by allowing any member of your organisation to recognise another person’s great work.

Recognition Activity Stream - EmployeeConnect

Got a deserving colleague in mind?

Send them a badge to show your appreciation


Measure Core Values and Culture Adoption

The recognition reporting dashboard helps you analyse the performance of your culture program with real-time data. Use the leaderboard to identify key talent as well as individuals who may be left behind. Know which departments align with your core values and which ones need some more work.

Social Employee Recognition Badges

Drive Culture Through Behaviour

Our library of +100 recognition badges contains as many ways for you to say “thank you” and reinforce positive behaviour. These micro-rewards have a macro impact and drive culture change and adoption by encouraging the behaviours that are in line with your core values. Leverage the power of visual storytelling and gamification by sending a fun, yet specific, message. Demonstrate appreciation in real-time and anchor employees’ efforts into the values of your organisation.

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Why Partner with EmployeeConnect?

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