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Cloud HR Software To
Build A Better Workplace.

The HRIS you need to manage your workforce with complete flexibility & control

Seamless HR workflows

Centralize employee data

Automate analytics report

Trusted by leading companies worldwide

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Deliver exceptional experiences for the employee lifecycle

The HR future is here. Combine seamless functionality with engaging employee experiences, productivity, and profitability soar to new heights. Simplifying processes and reducing costs.

Cloud Secure


Global Research

Powerful Analytics

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Tap into the power of integrated workflow

Our approach is all about user approval and participation within various HR applications such as online communications and employee self-service. Any process that requires review, approval and confirmation can run through the interactive system.


Employee Details

Sick leave statistics

Timesheets management

Payroll Interaction

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Streamline people data &analytics in employee journey

From the moment your employees accept their employment agreement, they will be able to access EmployeeConnect to discover their team, learn more about your organisation – all that with complete flexibility for career journey. 

Feedback and Insights

Engagement Survey

Streamlined Performance


What We Do Best

Our Features

Core HR

Capture all the information you need to make the HR process simpler and more effective.


Build a complete profile of your employees qualifications, competencies, and experience.


Fast-track compliance & reduce organisational risk by taking a preventative approach.


Streamline low value, transactional tasks to focus on the development of your recruits.


Drive positive behaviour, motivate your people by peer-to-peer recognition.


Take a visual approach to information with embedded dashboards and charts .


Attract, acquire and engage new employees with a single integrated process.


Improve visibility into the employee’s efforts ongoing towards organisational success.


Weekly pulse surveys to get real-time engagement insight into your workforce.

Easily configured to meet your own unique.

Your needs are unique, we customise your own HRIS.

We understand that your needs change.  So we’ve built our HR Software Australia system to be flexible, highly-configurable and accessible for anyone. You now have the power to build processes to your specific needs regardless of your technical experience and ability.

Our clients achieve amazing results.

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    We have found that using EmployeeConnect is a very productive and helpful solution for our business. It is vast; meets the core criteria; helps us run our business efficiently; gives our staff control over their basic employment needs; Workflow is amazing - can't live without it.
    Madonna Paterson Carers QLD - Human Resources Advisor
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    EmployeeConnect collects and organizes all of the information we require throughout the employee life cycle, and assists Diverseco to achieve great things! From recruitment, onboarding, preparing letters of offer, leave management and building our culture, EmployeeConnect provides the workflow tools and data insights to focus on our most important asset—our people.
    Elizabeth Panayi Diverseco - Chief Commercial Officer (CCO)

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