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    3 Types of Employees You Seriously Need to Keep
    18 Oct
    3 Types of Employees You Seriously Need to Keep

    With close to four out of five (78%) of business leaders ranking employee retention as important or urgent, it's easy to understand why being able to identify who to keep is essential to nurturing and retaining the right employees in your organisation. There are certain types...

    The power of intellectual curiosity
    30 Aug
    The Curious Thing About Intellectual Curiosity

    The more I observe brilliant people, the more I notice that one distinguishing characteristic they have is insatiable curiosity. Intellectual curiosity ranks as one of the most productive and powerful qualities that any person has. It adds dimension, context, and passion. To embrace its uncertainty...

    Personal Goals: Shoulds, Wants and Why
    25 Aug
    Personal Goals – The Shoulds, Wants and Why

    We’ve all heard it. We’ve probably all said it. “I should exercise more”, “You should study something”, or “I should work on my communication skills”. Where do these mysterious and vague shoulds come from and how do they link to our personal goals? Don’t get me...

    How to become a HR leader
    22 Aug
    7 Ways to Make the Shift From HR Pro to HR Leader

    While many CEOs think about their business as 'People First', a lot of HR professionals are still looking for their place at the executives' table. Talking 'human capital' and 'performance' has become fashionable in the hope of creating the perfect employer formula that will make...

    Why Peer to Peer Relationships Are Important
    03 Aug
    Why Peer-to-Peer Relationships Are Important Between Managers

    We all know that having relationships is important (arguable by those who are anti-social – however, since you’re on management’s side you should have some sort of communication skill locked in). Relationships help us flourish in ways we never thought we could. They act as...

    Credibility ,How to be credible at work
    27 Jul
    16 Strategies to Build Integrity and Credibility in the Workplace

    Integrity and credibility is the quality of being trusted and believed in. It influences your relationships, career and professional life. For many years, research has focused on the importance of credibility to achieve organisational objectives. Whether it's when you're with colleagues, partners, clients or suppliers;...

    Why HR Managers Burnout?
    20 Jul
    Why HR Managers Burnout?

    The question may seem confrontational but many elements indicate that HR managers could be more prone to burnout than other professions. Born in the 1970s, the term "burnout" corresponds to the complete depletion of one's mental and physical resources. This psychological state generally leads to a...

    How to define success?
    21 Jun
    It Is Never Too Late To Define Success

    The denotation of success that most people are familiar with is the achievement of something desired, planned or attempted. However, what ultimately separates the successful from the unsuccessful is their personal connotation of the word success. When you create your own definition and meaning, you...

    20 Jun
    10 Awesome Leadership Qualities to Adopt

    Have you ever been told to “lead by example”? Being a leader yourself you would understand that you’ve been set out to show your employee who’s the boss. While it appears like a superiority thing, it really isn’t. Every person adopts certain attributes as they...