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HR Tech

    timesheet app
    21 Mar
    Smart Employee Timesheet App in Australia

    Having an integrated HRMS solution that offers an advanced timesheet module will ensure that your organisation is completing timesheet data entry, approval and reporting faster than ever before....

    22 Feb
    How to mobilise your HR efforts

    Are you ready to mobile your HR departments and maxise productivity and engagement? Mobile HR software may be the answer....

    HR tech Innovation
    30 Aug
    Innovation in HR technology

    There’s a complete revolution going on affecting our daily lives but it’s not on your desktop or laptop. In fact, the battle for the internet’s future is taking place on your tablet and smartphone. All the big players have woken up to this and are...

    18 Apr
    Roadmap for a successful HR technology strategy

    What happens when you have a number of legacy systems that need replacing? How do you draft a decision making framework for procurement and rollout? Ari Kopoulos provides his tips This editorial is first published in Human Capital Magazine Issue 9.9, EXPERT INSIGHT: TECHNOLOGY. Today’s business environment...

    19 Nov
    Technology based employee onboarding strategy

    HR Workshop by Ari Kopoulos, EmployeeConnect This article is first published in HR Leader Magazine – March Issue How can we leverage technology to achieve a successful end-to-end onboarding strategy? It’s your first day on the job and you’re greeted with your payroll number, a new laptop, smartphone,...

    26 Oct
    Is mobile technology a gimmick or viable channel for HR?

    HR WORKSHOP by Ari Kopoulos, National sales and marketing manager, EmployeeConnect This article is first published in HR Leader Magazine – issue 212 (9 November 2010) It took two years to sell a million iPods, 78 days for iPhones and 28 days for iPads. Make no mistake,...

    08 Sep
    Forecast: Increasing cloud

    Viewpoint Column by Ari Kopoulos, National Sales and Marketing Director, EmployeeConnect This article is first published in Human Capital Magazine – Issue 8.8 (August 2010) We keep hearing how the cloud is set to change the way we work, but what is it and what benefits does...

    04 Jun
    HR Think Tank
    In the first series of HR Leader Magazine’s HR Leader Roundtable – HR Think Tank, six experts from a wide range of sectors were invited to take an in-depth look at the key areas the savvy HR professional must stay on top of. Our National Sales and Marketing Manager, Ari Kopoulos was also invited to this heated but insightful discussion.