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Why businesses should install mobile human resourcing

With employees on the go and seemingly endless recruitment needs, businesses that use mobile HR are at a distinct advantage over those that don’t.

More employees are also home-based now and this is only expected to increase in coming years. This means businesses and employees need access to company data and information where ever they are.

One particular worry that firms investigating mobile applications have is security. With mobile HR, business leaders can rest easy knowing that the technology uses the best security features available and only certain employees can access the precious recruitment information using unique logins and passwords.

If there is a concern around a login, then a HR consultant can be contacted and the issue can be swiftly dealt with.

Engagement and control

The application gives employees a secure tool to use outside the office. From home or abroad, there is instant access to the company directory, employee pay slips and leave balances. The easy-to-use application can even help employees manage their leave via mobile.

It is important to remember that assistance with the new technology is available so businesses new to HR management software can always get the most out of the app.

By simply using HRexpress on any smartphone browser, recruitment leaders can take care of daily transactions and menial operational processes easily and spend more time working on more strategic activities to benefit the business further down the line.

The mobile HR application contains settings so even if the app isn’t open on the phone, remote workers can still get notifications for payment receipts received and leave appeals. This means they can always be connected to the business and can remain actively involved.

For recruitment businesses looking for that edge over the competition, mobile HR can be a useful tool to stay in control while away from the office.

Ari Kopoulos

CEO at EmployeeConnect