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The Importance of Personality in the Workplace

The Week of HR #1: The Importance of Personality in the Workplace

Welcome to the first edition of The Week of HR Series! Every week we curate for you the top content on anything HR around the world wide web so you don’t miss a thing! This week, let’s have a look at personality in the workplace and how you can better understand and manage this HR topic often overlooked. Here are a few good reads we thought you might find enjoyable:


PRODUCTIVITY – Shifting from metrics back to humans

A 5 minute read about the importance of acknowledging the effect of personality on productivity in the workplace. Productivity cannot simply be just defined on the basis of metrics we set for ourselves or others. In fact, personalities can have huge impact on how individuals, teams and organisations perform as a whole. Author, Michael Mamas, provides seven fundamental principles to help you open the door on a subject too often considered taboo.


LEADERSHIP – The Introvert Way

If you haven’t already read “Quiet” by Susan Cain, you may want to read Upwork’s CEO’s self-portrait to understand how quiet personalities can also make it to the top of the ladder. Stephane Kasriel takes us through his journey as an introvert entrepreneur and tells us how he manages to engage his staff and overcome the challenges bounded to his personality.

RECRUITING – Top 10 Personality Traits to Watch Out For

Inability to listen, subjectiveness or a tendency to control are all highly likely to create trouble in your HR ecosystem, especially if your company is in its growth phase. Forbes’ business coaches review the top 10 personality traits that you should consider a big no-no when recruiting for new talents.

BONUS – What Personality Type Are You?

Still finding it hard to describe the personality type that defines you best? Take the test! 16Personalities, an online website by NERIS Analytics, has already delivered over 30 million tests so far, so we trust they know something about personality! Their promise? To offer you a concrete and accurate description of who you are and why you do the things the way you do, for free.

Thanks for reading! If you have any comments or tips you’d like to share please let us know.

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Oriane Perrin

Customer Success & Growth Manager