EmployeeConnect Featured in Top 20 HR Blogs You Must Be Reading!
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Employee Connect Featured in Top HR Blogs

EmployeeConnect Featured in Top 20 HR Blogs You Need to Read Right Now!

We are proud to announce that we made the Top 20 of Feedspot Top 100 Blogs for Human Resources & Talent Management Experts! The list is a go-to source for professionals seeking the best online publications worldwide on anything HR, and we’re honoured to be featured amongst the best human resources blogs on the planet!

The web has developed into an incredible learning and sharing platform that has transformed everything we knew on human resources. HR professionals are more aware than ever of the importance of a robust foundational knowledge to support the planning and execution of their strategy. Turning this knowledge into action is certainly a crucial step that we hope our blog assists in taking.

Since the launch of our new brand identity and redesigned website end of April 2016, the EmployeeConnect blog has also received a healthy lift. The month on month organic growth has been phenonimal. We have been committed to deliver valuable and actionable content that contributes positively to the online HR community. The recognition of those efforts by Feedspot is a great milestone in the development and growth of the EmployeeConnect blog.

Wait, what is actually Feedspot Top HR Blogs List?

Feedspot is a modern RSS reader that allows you to keep up with the news and content from multiple websites easily. Busy HR people can save time by avoiding the never ending task of visiting their favourite sites to check for new articles and posts. It’s as easy as checking your emails!

The team at Feedspot has developed a thorough and rigorous evaluation process and updates the Top 100 HR Blogs list regularly to maintain high value and quality. Anuj Agarwal, Feedspot founder, says that “publishing content ‘consistently’ is the key for our editors who review the blogs. Good content gets more social shares and higher ranking on Google. We consider all of those factors to rank.”

Feedspot review team considers the following factors some of the key elements for ranking:
• Search engine ranking
• Social media influence
• Social media buzz
• Alexa ranking (traffic on your blog)
• Post frequency
• Quality score set by Feedspot editorial team

How we made it to the top

We recognise that HR is a major business function that should be at the forefront of an organisation’s decisions. After all, it is the area of business that ties everything together and has the greatest ability to improve people-driven performance outcomes. But in the background, the way the function is managed has remained very traditional and most of the time unchanged for the past few decades.

Thankfully, new HRIS technology like EmployeeConnect, thrive to provide a fresh approach that places HR at the centre stage of business. We believe that providing informational and useful content is the best way to support that approach.

We have been consistent in publishing 4-5 quality posts each week, from HOW-TOs to opinions pieces, we aim to
provide insightful and thoughtful content to help the HR community in a practical way. Our readership has grown and spread, and we’re glad to witness the enthusiasm and engagement that surrounds the EmployeeConnect blog. Culture, engagement, performance, HR transformation and technology are only some of the topics we cover. We believe that a varied editorial calendar is necessary to represent the breadth and diversity of challenges HR is confronted to.

Providing new perspectives is our way to bring value to the table. We look forward to continuing to offer one of the best HR blog out there with the aim of becoming even bigger and better. Next stop: Top 10!

To keep up with the EmployeeConnect blog, we encourage you to subscribe to our weekly blog digest for an easy wrap up of the latest articles published.

Oriane Perrin

Customer Success & Growth Manager