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Survey Reveals the Importance of Lifestyle Benefits

Survey Reveals the Importance of Lifestyle Benefits

Balancing an employee’s  family commitments with work demands can be a challenging task for HR departments. However, for those firms that introduce measures to support workers, possibly aided with HR management software, gains to employee satisfaction can be of great value in the long run.

A survey conducted by caregiver database revealed that 41 per cent of employees felt that their productivity had suffered due to a lack of family assistance support from their workplace. A further 62 per cent stated that they would leave their job if they were offered a role that provided a better work-life balance.

Many companies are failing to provide adequate programmes for workers who are juggling childcare and other responsibilities. Despite 89 per cent of employees in the US stating they wished to see family care programs, just 20 per cent of employers currently ran them.

For companies that do put schemes in place, only 30 per cent of survey participants said that they were “very satisfied” with their firm’s work-life balance programmes. More worrying was the fact that one in 10 stated that they were completely dissatisfied with the current schemes their employers offered.

To address potential dissatisfaction amongst your staff, it is critical to develop programs that address workers’ needs for flexibility. According to the Work and Family Researchers Network, effective programs include introducing on-site childcare, establishing flexible working hours and leave policies, as well as offering emergency back-up care.

With a happy workforce comes a number of key improvements. Employees that have their familial needs catered for are less likely to spend extra time commuting to childcare facilities and will be more satisfied and productive. Employers that ensure workers can balance their time will see a happier, less stressed workforce.

Seeking the knowledge of HR consulting can help your company create meaningful and effective work-life balance schemes. In doing so, firms will see more satisfied employee who are more committed to their tasks and the business.

Ari Kopoulos

CEO at EmployeeConnect