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Study Confirms: A Happy Employee Works Harder

One of the great things about HRIS software is that it can improve your employees work-life balance and make them fell more satisfied and content in their roles.

By improving the quality of talent management and organisational cohesiveness within your business, HRIS can ensure that you have a happy, engaged and confident workforce.

This is particularly important when you consider the results of a recent survey which confirmed that happy employees are actually more productive than their less positive counterparts.

According to the Department of Economics at the University of Warwick, happiness actually makes employees approximately 12 per cent more productive, on average!

“The driving force seems to be that happier workers use the time they have more effectively, increasing the pace at which they can work without sacrificing quality,” explained Dr Daniel Sgroi in a statement.

Dr Eugenio Proto says that the research will teach an important lesson to business leaders and managers in a wide variety of workplaces.

“This research will provide some guidance for management in all kinds of organisations, they should strive to make their workplaces emotionally healthy for their workforce,” said Dr Proto.

Obviously HRIS software can offer a number of advantages when it comes to making your workers more happy and confident, but what are some other ways in which you can inspire them to enjoy their time on the job?

Here are some suggestions…

  • Be honest with them – Employees thrive on honesty and will appreciate candid, realistic feedback on their performance and the performance of the organisation as a whole.
  • Blow off some steam – Organising work social events can be hugely beneficial in terms of improved team unity and cohesion. Give your employees the chance to blow off some steam, and your company will benefit as a result.
  • Offer flexible working arrangements – Providing your employees with flexible working arrangements and the option to work from home is a great way to assist with their work-life balance and make them feel more positive about their job.
Ari Kopoulos

CEO at EmployeeConnect