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Employees Distracted by Online Shopping

Many Employees Driven to Distraction Through Online Shopping

Enabled by mobile devices, rising income and larger markets to access, it’s hardly surprising that Australian’s love to shop online.

According to a survey conducted by Roy Morgan, 5,704,000 individuals will make at least one purchase online in an average four week period. The most common category is entertainment and leisure, accounting for 40 per cent of purchases.

While this form of shopping can offer great convenience, it also has the potential to reduce productivity in the workplace. As Christmas draws closer and the temptation to browse online for gifts becomes stronger, how can businesses utilise HR management software to ensure employees remain productive?

Majority of employees admit to shopping during work

A recent survey from CareerBuilder found that 50 per cent of workers plan to shop online at work during the holiday session, a 3 per cent rise from the previous year. Of this group, 42 per cent will engage in this activity for over an hour during December

Many businesses have attempted to enact measures to prevent employees getting distracted by online shopping. These include blocking sites, common among 56 per cent companies, and in extreme cases, disciplinary action.

While it is tempting to block shopping sites completely, Chief Human Resources Officer at CareerBuilder Rosemary Haefner explained that maintaining balance is an important consideration for businesses.

“In a world where the lines between the professional and personal are becoming more and more blurred every day, it’s not surprising that more employees are bringing personal activities to the workplace,” she said.

“Employees should follow the rules, but employers should be careful not to micromanage.”

Seeking the help of HR consulting can help your company build a management system that allows some flexibility without causing performance to suffer. Workers will appreciate quick breaks to get last-minute gifts while still having strong guidelines and expectations to follow.

Ari Kopoulos

CEO at EmployeeConnect