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lets chat gpt

Let’s CHAT GPT: How to make it your friend


What is it? 


New bot on the block, CHAT GPT is a large language model that can generate human-like text. By providing it with a prompt, it can generate responses that continue the conversation or expand on the given prompt. This is the slow consequence of years of iterations, technological advancements, coming to us conveniently at the brink of the Industrial revolution. It might sound hyperbolic to say, but this might just see us transition into a new, improved way of working. 


What does this mean?


Unlike the internet, vast, fathomless, easy to fall-down a loop or spiral into a senseless carousel of cat videos and conspiracy theories (whichever you fancy), CHAT GPT is personalised and able to have human-like conversations; meaning it will respond directly to your queues, questions, or prompts,  eliminating all that wasted time researching and procrastinating. 

Naturally, I was apprehensive and secretly afraid that midway through writing this, the article might be wrested out of my hands and given to a much more adept, much more efficient AI replacement   *gulp*  so I decided to test it out…

As outlined in an earlier article many people have been apprehensive, quick to classify the release of recent Chat GPT as the mark of AI apocalypse


How can we make it our friend? 


  •  Ask it questions.


AI is designed to mimic human language and conversation, asking  questions is the best way it responds. Think of it much like a human conversation, in fact for the remainder of this article, i’d like you to toss the notion of “machine” to the side for a bit. You can start with being direct, asking things with the intention to get a specific answer or piece of information. For instance, “How do I do this x?” or “What’s this?”.

You’ll get the answer you want, but the conversation stops there. Just like in real life, true connection and realisation can only be given when we delve beyond. CHAT GPT’s true capabilities will only be realised when we endeavour to converse with it, rather than hurling demands at it. Remember: treat it like your friend. 

 Don’t be hesitant to ask follow-up questions related to the answers, expand the conversation and you may even find unforeseen opportunities. 

Explain AI to me?
How can I do this x?

But, don’t stop there.

  • Get specific 


 Give some context into why it is you’re asking questions. Tell CHAT GPT a little more about yourself. Be open. 


Chat GPT, I am trying to write an article on AI, can you please explain to me how I should start? 


  •  Ask it for options. 


Be as specific as you can with your request. 

Example: Chat GPT, I am trying to write an article on AI, can you please offer me a few options of various topics or points that I should cover?


  • Tell it your goals and dreams


Get honest. What is it that you want? 

Example:  Chat GPT, I am trying to write an article on AI, can you please offer me a few options of various topics or points that I should cover? My goal is to create a thought-provoking and enlightening piece that succinctly explains CHAT GPT and outlines reasons for and against. And prove to my boss that I am deserving of my job.

Wait… maybe not that specific.


  • Role Play 


Chat GPT, like a human, can wear many hats, it likes to play.  Get the most out of it, by engaging in a little role play. Remember, you are friends, you don’t want to always talk about work. Get creative and word your prompts in a playful way. 

Example:  CHAT GPT I am trying to write an opinion piece on AI. I want you to act as a master debater and explain this topic to me. Research both sides of the debates for and against and present valid arguments for each. Your goal is to help explain AI and leave readers with an enlightened and changed perspective on it. Provide readers with insightful and thought-provoking reasons. 


  • Provide me with a template


Let’s face it, Chat GPT is just a slightly better friend than you. It is more productive, efficient, direct, oh, and neater and more organised. That friend that somehow finishes everything on time, has their work, life, relationships in balance, has a better and every time you have good news to share, somehow seems to “one-up” you in the politest way. Rather than seethe with jealousy, learn from them! 

Or ask it for help.

Example: Hi Chat GPT  I am trying to write an article on AI. It is due xxx. Can you please provide me with an outline, useful template I can follow and a schedule to follow?


  • Clean this up for me. 


And later, like a good friend, who is there to soothe and support you after a messy breakup, bad day at work, make you laugh,  CHAT GPT will clear away all the mess… Once your article is finished, get it to proofread and check for you.

Example: CHAT GPT I have just written an opinion piece on AI. I want you to act as an editor and amend any grammatical or spelling errors. Please provide comments on where my argument can be improved. 




In short six points, we have proven that CHAT GPT  might just be the best friend you ever had. But, like all friends, we need to speak, understand and regularly tend to it. It’s sat by your side whilst you researched, been open to discussing topics that you like and even offered to read your work over for you. All the while your high school buddies still screen your calls – saving you hours of time, leaving you left only with the simple task of completing your article… 

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Hayleigh Konstantakopoulos