Welcoming IAB Health use of EmployeeConnect HR Pro
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EmployeeConnect welcomes the use of HRpro for IAB Health

IBA Health, Australasia’s leading eHealth provider has selected EmployeeConnect’s HRpro to enhance operational efficiency, agility and better allocate and manage essential HR resources.

“We needed a world-class HRIS in order to best support our increasing employee numbers and therefore, our customer requirements” Melanie Newman, HR manager at IBA Health said.

“EmployeeConnect had the global functionality, tools and experience, which was hard to beat at such a competitive cost. We are very excited at the prospect of integrating our HR processes with a common user interface, driven by workflow,” she added.

The company’s recent acquisition with iSOFT, has seen the formation of one of the world’s largest healthcare IT providers, representing an entity of over 3,500 health and IT professionals across the globe.

Allowing for automated processes and centralised administration, the new HR system will enable IBA to better focus on its commitment to quality eHealth solutions.

With IBA’s aggressive expansion plans and their increasingly global footprint, the company decided it needed a truly integrated, world-class HRIS solution.  Following a six month business analysis and review of local and international vendor solutions, IBA selected EmployeeConnect for its workflow, rich functionality, and integration capabilities.

“The process was to identify a very useable and highly flexible employee tool that would allow staff globally to self-manage their data and also give managers and the business their own tools to assist them in managing their increased responsibilities,” said Newman.

For EmployeeConnect, the effective solution meant tight integration as IBA has quite complex business systems that extend beyond HR.

The system will effectively streamline business processes, reduce administrative costs and boost employee productivity by providing a single, accurate view for all HR-related information.

“By streamlining HR systems and business processes into a consolidated system, IBA will reduce operational costs and increase efficiencies by connecting employees to business processes and automating common administrative tasks through use of HRpro,” said Ari Kopoulos, national sales and marketing manager at EmployeeConnect.

With an installed base of approximately 13,000 healthcare systems across the UK, Ireland, continental Europe, Africa, the Middle East, Asia, Australia and New Zealand, the two companies have complementary geographical footprints and product portfolios, meaning considerable revenue growth opportunities are expected through cross-selling a larger product portfolio to a broader customer base.

“EmployeeConnect is proud to be by IBA’s side in the midst of its important global expansion,” said Kopoulos.  


Ari Kopoulos

CEO at EmployeeConnect