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Employee of the Month

How to Select an Employee of the Month

Employee satisfaction and workplace happiness can be achieved by promoting awards such as the employee of the month every month to generate healthy competition and motivation amongst the employees. Such award programs encourage the employees to enhance their productivity and work effectively. Organisations should make a note of employees who have excelled in the domain , select the best of the lot, recognise and award employees. One of the aspects of selecting the employee of the month is the criteria that need to be followed to pick the best of the lot. The selection criteria depend on two main aspects – quality of work and attitude towards work. Some of the other factors that help in deciding the best employee of the month include performance, quality, attendance, and a couple of other factors from the previous month depending on the role of the employee.

Criteria for Selecting the Employee of the Month

      1. One of the key eligibility criteria is that the employee needs to be at the said location for a period of at least two years and the employee must not be on probationary period during the time of nomination.
      2. The title of employee of the month can be earned by an employee for more than once with a break of at least a stipulated time period between receiving the last award and the next award.
      3. The employee needs to be a proactive individual who does not deter to take initiatives as and when required.
      4. The employee needs to deliver a high quality of work consistently.
      5.The employee needs to be compulsorily a great team player who can adjust in any setting and environment and has the flair to gel and work in tandem with people of varied temperament.
      6. The employee needs to possess leadership qualities.
      7. Above all, the employee must be an individual with a positive attitude to work effectively in any work environment.

Process for Selecting Employee of the Month

      1. The process of selecting the best employee for the month is done by following a proper process via which the award is narrowed down to one individual. Usually, in most organisations, the appropriate criteria and form for such award are posted on the HR section of the company website.
      2. Then nominations are solicited from employees so that they can apply once the notice is posted. The completed form for the reward needs to be submitted to the HR point of contact.
      3. The nominator needs to sign the form. The HR is not responsible for formulating the employee of the month committee. It is usually formed by past employee of the month members.
      4. On a monthly basis, this committee meets and reviews all the nominations and boils down to pick the appropriate employee for the upcoming month for the said category. A follow-up email is sent if required.
      5. The HR collaborates with the relevant managers/directors/supervisors to discuss and solicit their opinions.
      6. Once all the required process is complete, the HR shares an email intimating everyone that an award function is coming up announcing the stipulated time and venue for the same.
      7. After the employee receives the award, his or her name is highlighted either in the department newsletter, communicated across the team/organisation via mailers, and is also highlighted in the monthly newsletter of the HR and put up on the HR web page too.

Best Practice Employee of the Month Programs

  1. Set goals: Although the intention of the best employee of the month program is to boost the morale of the employees; there should be a sense of accomplishment tied back to the program. Objective goals for the program need to be set before selecting the best employee of the month.
  2. Setting guidelines: Proper guidelines and objectives should be laid down before an employee achieves the status of the employee of the month so that the employees work towards it. A well formulated, easy to comprehend criteria needs to be established so that the employees know what needs to be done and work accordingly to earn the title of the employee of the month.
  3. Choose your rewards: The type of award to be given to the employee of the month needs to be well thought of and planned accordingly. For instance, you can think of multiple options such as a gift card, plaque, special parking, cash award, or even a day off apart from the usual trophy and the certificate. The company website and the newsletter must also display the winner’s name.
  4. Communicate the program: Communicate well in advance to the employees so that they are aware of the criteria for earning the award. Solicit feedbacks from the relevant sources and inform the employees about the contest beforehand. The winner for each month needs to be corroborated with a strong reason for winning the said award. It is nice to announce how the winner fulfilled all the criteria and qualified for the award. This promotes transparency and removes any doubts of bias in the minds of co-workers.

Certificate and Letter Format of the Best Employee of the Month

Certificate: A certificate is awarded to the employee of the month. This certificate may have various standard patterns or formats. For instance, certificates may be of the following pattern: elegant font, ornate, with a blue chain border. The employee of the month certificate template is usually a ready to use a format where ample amount of spaces are provided to customise and update it as required. A certificate usually has the name of the employee, certificate title, the employee’s accomplishments, name of the company and a few more details if required.

Letter format: The letter also has a standard format where the organisation’s name is mentioned in the first few lines. Then on behalf of the company the employee is congratulated and the month and year of winning the award are mentioned. The letter also lists the reasons and the parameters for selecting the employee as the best for the month. The award type (whether cash, memento, or others) are also mentioned in the letter. The concluding lines mention that the organisation or department expect the same spirit with renewed enthusiasm in the forthcoming endeavours. The letter ends with the signature of the HR manager.

An employee of the month award is one of the best initiatives that not only boost the morale of the employees but it also helps them to be more productive for the larger interest of the organisation. It generates a feeling of healthy competition amongst peers so that everyone is enthusiastic to perform better so that he or she can nominate themselves for the next month’s award. It also helps in generating a spirit of perseverance, since it is a monthly process, and employees can keep trying each month for their name to be announced as the best employee.

Byron Conway

Content Coordinator at EmployeeConnect