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A Productive State of Mind: Fostering Employee Happiness

One of the common challenges faced by organisations is maintaining employee productivity. However, by making the right hiring decisions and investing in building strong relationships with employees, this challenge can be effectively addressed. Elevating the happiness levels of your workforce can significantly enhance their productivity and enthusiasm at work.

Google is renowned for offering incredible perks like massage booths, ping pong tables, and free food to its employees. While these tangible benefits contribute to employee satisfaction, increasing productivity and maintaining motivation requires more than just material perks. Let’s explore some straightforward approaches to keeping your employees happy, motivated, and productive.

  1. Exhibiting Respect

Trust serves as a powerful source of motivation. When managers demonstrate trust in their teams and empower them to carry out their tasks, productivity naturally flourishes. Employees are unlikely to thrive under a manager who constantly micromanages their every move. If their work is subject to constant corrections, it can lead to demotivation. Therefore, it is crucial to treat employees with respect and offer them the freedom they require to excel in their respective roles.

  1. Being as supportive as possible

Whenever you have employees who are working in various schedules, it is quite important that you display your support to them and also expect every employee to support their colleagues. For instance, if an employee wants to take the day off to support a child’s activity, encourage another colleague to step in and pick up the slack. If they do so, ensure that they will also receive similar treatment at some point in future. In other words, if employees know that their company has their back in times of need, they are likely to be much more motivated and productive.

  1. Promoting a Supportive Environment 

Creating a supportive atmosphere is crucial, especially when dealing with employees who work varying schedules. It is essential to demonstrate your support for them and encourage mutual support among colleagues. For instance, if an employee needs a day off to attend a child’s activity, foster an environment where another colleague willingly steps in to cover their responsibilities. Ensuring that such gestures of support are reciprocated fosters a sense of trust and camaraderie among employees. When employees know they can rely on their company and colleagues during times of need, it significantly enhances their motivation and productivity.

  1. Seeking Employee Insight

To maintain employee happiness in the workplace, it’s vital to make them feel valued and recognised. One effective method of demonstrating this is by actively seeking their input. Organise regular sessions solely dedicated to fostering creativity, where limitations and drawbacks are set aside. Encourage employees to share their ideas, allowing for fruitful problem-solving and brainstorming discussions. Such initiatives not only create a conducive environment for innovative thinking but also keep employees engaged and enthusiastic about their work.

  1. Fostering Employee Motivation through Diverse Solutions

Sustained focus on repetitive questions and problems can lead to monotony among your employees. To invigorate their thinking and encourage innovation, it’s essential to introduce a mix of approaches. Offer your employees opportunities to think differently and explore new ideas. Regular problem-solving sessions or hackathons can ignite their creativity and spark innovation. These activities need not always be directly tied to ongoing projects, but they serve as a platform for employees to expand their minds, push their limits, and embrace their creative potential. Ultimately, this creative mindset benefits the company in the long run.

  1. Hiring & Retaining the Right People

Although it may appear evident, hiring the right individuals stands as a cornerstone for building a productive and contented team. Many startups are still navigating the process of identifying the right skill sets in their hires to drive positive outcomes. Seek out passionate all-rounders with multitasking abilities who can readily step in to support others when needed. Additionally, individuals who possess a drive to make a positive impact on the community can be valuable assets, particularly if their aspirations align with your company’s objectives.

7.  Effective Incentives for Employee Motivation

Ensuring that your employees remain motivated and productive hinges on providing the right incentives. Some organisations achieve this by offering perks and associated benefits, such as flexible work hours, additional annual leave, discounts, and gym memberships. Others focus on creating avenues for career growth, employee recognition, and opportunities for onsite travel.

To enhance employee motivation and boost productivity, prioritise their happiness. By doing so, you not only reap financial benefits but also earn the loyalty of your employees, fostering long-term retention within the organisation. This approach creates a win-win situation for the organisation as a whole.


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