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Guest Blogging for EmployeeConnect

Guest Blogging for EmployeeConnect

Contributing to the EmployeeConnect Blog is about sharing your passion and expertise with thousands of other HR professionals everywhere in the world. It’s also being able to share best-practises, innovative ideas, and the latest happenings in the world of HR. We like to constantly reconsider current practises to offer new options, with the aim of providing improved solutions. And also, it’s always nice to hear new views and perspectives.

Why Guest Post?

You will find a lot of value in guest posting. But the main benefit is certainly the chance to contribute to the online HR community by  sharing valuable content with others.

The articles you can read on the EmployeeConnect blog are shared across our social media platforms (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and G+), giving you the opportunity to appear in front of the eyes of thousands of readers.

We provide you with the opportunity to include a bio/signature at the end of your article to help you build your reputation as a thought-leader and expose your expertise and knowledge.

What Could You Write About?

We are looking for original articles that offer best practices, guides, and tips on the topic of Human Resources and HR technology. You can write about strategy, processes, analytics, people or anything your think would add value to the HR field.

We’d love to hear new ideas, views and opinions on the following topics:

  1. Employee Engagement
  2. Corporate Culture
  3. HR Transformation
  4. Leadership
  5. HR Technology
  6. Onboarding
  7. Performance Management
  8. Recognition
  9. Recruitment
  10. Employee Learning & Training


How to Submit a Guest Post

If you’re an HR Pro and are interested in submitting a guest post for EmployeeConnect, please complete our online form by clicking on the button below:

Oriane Perrin

Customer Success & Growth Manager