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Employee Engagement What Professionals Do

Employee Engagement: This Is What Professionals Do

We live in a world where everyone would like to think that what they do is perfect. Reality is, it’s not. You may be a perfectionist or see yourself as a nit-picker where you strive for 100% accuracy, only to end up feeling disappointed that you nail 99.95%. This 0.05% that no one seems to cover is what presents a dystopic area in a utopic perceived world. While it seems this article so far is encompassing a topic completely irrelevant to the title, it suits rather well as an analogy. Of course, this analogy is for our readers of the modern workplace.

Most workplaces believe their practices are perfect. This is probably the reason why we only see minor changes made over the years to their HR department. The problem with this is that their employees (being the most important aspect of their organisation), will go through a process of withdrawal. During this phase, you as a manager realise that; their performance is at an all new low, they take more sick leave and overall no goals are being met. You as of the moment realise it’s a huge issue if nothing is done to rectify it. If we visually draw this, we come to realise that there’s a gap between the organisation and their employees. This gap is virtually, the 0.05% we discussed before.

Luckily enough, to avoid the stress of undergoing the dramatic changes (you probably would not want to go through) mentioned above and primarily preventing a gap to appear – the nine following rules is what will recreate your workplace. It will help your chances with slimming that 0.05% that exists everywhere close to 0.01%. Each of these nine rules serve as basic fundamentals to a professional workplace that will boost your employee engagement levels and make you stand out as an employer of choice. They say in order to be the best, you need to first master the basics.

Employee Engagement in 9 Simple Rules


#1 – Allow for Personal Growth

As a start, your workplace should allow for your employees to flourish. When I say flourish, I mean in their personal lives as well as their professional. Showing genuine care and concern for the development of their personal lives will see their response through your employee engagement and improved performance. It’s a win-win situation.

#2 – Understand  Relationships with Colleagues

For both managers and existing employees of an organisation, understanding and fostering for relationships to form between other colleagues is an important aspect. It’s an aspect that allows for better teamwork morale to happen. We all know that teamwork is what pushes for performance from the support one another gives off. Not just that, but for our employees their psychological wellbeing remains stable or even heightens. It’s a sense of belonging that forms allowing them to feel part of a family.

#3 – Understand Relationships with Managers

In order for your workplace to provide the best environment for your employees, it’ll involve senior management coordinating with lower management. The coordination and push for a relationship between the two is what will allow for better communication to happen. This communication will transcend into better ideas and discourages any conflict to appear in management styles – it’s something your employees want to see and work for!

#4 – Understand and Foster for Happiness

Knowing how to keep your employees happy is a way of seeing their innovation and involvement at work sky rocket. An even better bonus is that the happiness travels throughout the whole organisation, giving your stakeholders an attractive feature about your company.

#5 – Satisfy your Employees

It’s as simple as rewarding them, putting their needs first or realising their capabilities. Either of these are to ensure your employees know their value and worth in your organisation. In doing so, trust is formed and truth-revealing conversations  can take place.

#6 – Turn Your Employees into Brand Ambassadors

Putting your employees first by listening and respecting them are two of the many ways to re-create them to become brand ambassadors for your company. They’ll subconsciously represent and spread the word of your organisation knowing their place in your workplace is important.

#7 – Provide Feedback

Letting your employees know their place in your organisation or the work that they’re doing is valued is what will let your employees know their worth. Consistency in doing so is what will have them coming back for more. Productivity peaks and happiness results as a response.

#8 – Care For Your Employees Wellness

Your employees wellness surfaces grounds mentally and physically. Providing the additional care at no expense to them is what will truly show them your concern for them. Not just that, but you’ll definitely see their abilities to work peak since their initial concerns are now addressed.

#9 – Align Your Company’s Strategy and Culture Together

Keeping in mind the connection between your company’s strategy with its culture will engage your employees. How? They understand the fit for purpose in staying and performing in your organisation. It’s a basic fundamental to get your company going starting from the ground.
Each of these nine rules being basic fundamentals to your workplace is what will ensure you provide the ultimate work environment. It’s one that is merely close to the 100% that many aim for, as it reduces that 0.05% gap that everyone appears to experience. It’s what professionals do to ensure that 99.95 reaches as close to 100 – and with these nine rules laid out, it’s bound to happen.

Alexi Gavrielatos

Business Development at EmployeeConnect