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Employee Appreciation, Valued

8 Good Way to Show Employee Appreciation

The Importance of Employee Appreciation

Ensuring that showing employee appreciation within an organisation is extremely critical for business success. Key strategies to assure employees feel valued that managers utilise will include the following: provide feedback, create a positive culture, offer recognition, provide rewards, ensure flexibility, encourage breaks, assure communication and further provide development opportunities.

Each of these strategies should be effectively looked into and assured that they are implemented within an organisation to assure employee appreciation. Specifically, when an employee feels valued a corresponding increase in employee job satisfaction and motivation levels is likely to be attained meaning businesses are likely to be more productive and in turn successful.

Correspondingly, provided below within this blog are the different strategies which address how to make employees feel valued.

1. Provide Feedback

An extremely important way to make employees feel valued is by providing feedback to employees. Specifically, employee feedback involves providing critical and very specific employee feedback that has value, impact and importance to the employee. This involves assuring analysis of how the employee is performing and working to then provide useful feedback.

Furthermore, when feedback is delivered it should not highlight extensive negative feedback points. The feedback must be delivered outlining a high relevance of positive feedback points and further providing points of development for the employee. This mitigates the employee from feeling as though the feedback received is negative and hinders the employee’s performance and feeling of value within the organisation.

2. Create a Positive Culture

A critical way to ensure that an organisation is showing employee appreciation is through creating a positive culture within the business. Specifically, a positive culture may be extremely dependant on what the business wants to bring to life. One example is aiming to have a positive culture dependant on teamwork.

When businesses create a culture surrounding teamwork, team members will work to encourage one another, effectively offering peer to peer recognition and further encouraging one another to work hard whilst appreciating the great job each employee may complete. This then allows a positive culture to enhance the chances of employees feeling valued within the organisation they work within.

3. Offer Recognition

An extremely well-utilised way in which management assures that employees feel valued within the organisation is through offering recognition. Specifically, employee recognition is extremely critical in any organisation aiming to increase employee value levels. When employees receive recognition, they begin to feel a sense of trust and the importance of working within an organisation.

Correspondingly, managers will assure that they offer employees recognition for any achievement they may have. This may include a positive letter which shows recognition for an employee reaching a sales goal. Further, it could include a conversation which contains positive recognition of any kind of achievement an employee has achieved within the organisation.

4. Provide Rewards

Another great strategy to effectively make employees feel valued within any business is providing rewards to employees. Showing your employees that you appreciate the work that they complete within your organisation through rewarding employees is a common strategy utilised by many managers in business today.

Specifically, rewards may be presented to employees for the hard work they have accomplished. To effectively show employee appreciation in your organizarion, rewards should be well thought out and provided specifically based upon what the employee is interested in receiving. When employees receive rewards they are interested in, their personal job satisfaction level will increase as they gain an extreme sense of value within the business they are working for.

5. Ensure Flexibility

A very important strategy to effectively assure that managers make employees feel valued within the organisation is through ensuring work flexibility. Specifically, this means that employees are given the opportunity to have a more flexible work-life, this includes working remotely, coming into the office later, or finishing earlier based on agreements with management.

Furthermore, employees feel extremely valued when in moments of working extra hours for the business they are allowed to leave early the following day. Likewise, it is important for management to be extremely flexible based on the needs and wants of the employee. An employee who travels for a long time to get to work largely appreciates and find value in organisations that allow for and encourage remote working.

6. Encourage Breaks

A critical strategy to ensure employee appreciation the organisation is managers encouraging breaks. Specifically, offering and encouraging breaks to employees ensures that managers care for the employee’s wellbeing. This shows that management within the business values the employees working as they are paying attention to the hard work that they do and encourage a healthy break to rest.

Moreover, when managers encourage breaks, they not only show that they value employees but also, they assure that employees do not burnout. Burnout is a common problem that leads to employees feeling extreme anxiety and workplace stress. In turn, when breaks are encouraged managers assure that employees are working to the best of their abilities and are both happy and healthy.

7. Assure Communication

Another important strategy to show employee appreciation within the business is assuring clear communication. When managers encourage both clear and open communication throughout the organisation any issues faced by employees may be addressed efficiently. Employees feel valued as they can raise any issue that was bothering them to the people surrounding them within the business to help find solutions.

A useful way to address any issues in a team is through open communication in team meetings and around the office. Simply when an employee feels they are stressed about a problem they may raise this issue to team members. Moreover, if the problem isn’t resolved, due to open communication throughout the organisation, the employee may email managers to effectively find solutions for any issue at hand.

8. Provide Development Opportunities

A final and critical strategy to effectively assuring staff appreciation within the business is through providing development opportunities. Specifically, development opportunities may include providing employees with platforms to learn and effectively develop skills that may be useful to the future career of the employee. This shows that the organisation values employees as they are providing employees with the tools to take their careers to the next level.

Furthermore, another great way in which managers can offer development opportunities that shows that the organisation values them is through providing development pathways specifically built on what employee’s request. For example, an employee may wish to become a manager in the future, providing them with the tools to learn and enhance their skills to effectively reach their goals is a large piece of value for any employee.

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