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Digital know-how could make you more employable

Being in the know when it comes to the digital domain could give you the upper hand when securing a new job, research from Hays has suggested.

It urged anyone without digital skills to think about learning more about this area, as it now plays a role in almost every job that’s up for grabs.

Managing Director of Hays in Australia and New Zealand Nick Deligiannis explained how there are very few consumers or businesses who have not been affected by this revolution.

“From CEOs assessing the threat of cybercrime to marketers looking for the latest trending platforms, digital skills are now needed at all levels in most job functions,” he commented.

Mr Deligiannis also explained how live chat attendants have become an important feature of many businesses, as have social media experts who manage online reputations.

A growing number of companies are also reaping the benefits of mobile HR and other solutions that aim to make workplace processes much more streamlined.

This follows recent advice from Gartner, which urged companies to invest more heavily in their analytics.

The group highlighted how big data had opened up a number of opportunities to firms, but had also created issues relating to the management and storage of information.

Alexander Linden, research director at Gartner, noted how firms can no longer rely on a rudimentary understanding of what analysing big data entails.

“While basic analytics provide a general summary of data, advanced analytics deliver deeper data knowledge and granular data analysis,” he commented.

As Hays suggests, this sort of knowledge could well be what recruiters use to set suitable candidates apart from the competition, so it’s worth being aware of the issues.

Updating digital skills has therefore become a necessity, rather than a desirable attribute in the world of recruitment.

Ari Kopoulos

CEO at EmployeeConnect