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Author: Oriane Perrin

    Constructive Feedback Examples
    15 Nov
    7 Examples of Constructive Feedback For Managers

    Whether we're looking at improving performance in a sportive or professional context, receiving constructive feedback is precious. Feedback allows people to modify their behaviour to help them attain their goals. For a manager, giving feedback is a way to help employees reach the goals that...

    How to Conduct Effective One-On-One Meetings
    14 Nov
    How to Conduct Effective One-On-One Meetings With Your Employees?

    One-on-one meetings are an opportunity for managers and employees to understand past performance and identify potential issues in-between two performance reviews. The traditional annual performance review has received a serious lift to deliver more added value to HR and align better with today's business preoccupations. Today,...

    Employer Branding Strategy: How to Avoid a "Faux Pas"
    08 Nov
    Employer Branding Strategy: How to Avoid a “Faux Pas”?

    Did you know that 50% of recruiters still don't understand their own employer brands? This alarming figure translates easily the challenge organisations face to create a comprehensive employer branding strategy that will help them attract sought-after talent and resonate with current employees. Many business leaders believe...

    Stress at Work
    02 Nov
    12 Reasons Why Your Employees Are Experiencing Workplace Stress

    Workplace stress at work is an issue that is often overlooked by employers. Given its psychological nature, organisations can feel out of their way when it comes to dealing with work-related stress. It's nonetheless one of the greatest problem of today's modern society. Workplace stress corresponds...

    3 Types of Employees You Seriously Need to Keep
    18 Oct
    3 Types of Employees You Seriously Need to Keep

    With close to four out of five (78%) of business leaders ranking employee retention as important or urgent, it's easy to understand why being able to identify who to keep is essential to nurturing and retaining the right employees in your organisation. There are certain types...

    Customer experience
    17 Oct
    How HR Can Shape a Customer Experience Focused Workforce

    Customer Experience, or CX for short, is a differentiation strategy adopted by many B2B organisations. While we may think at first that customer experience lies in the realm of marketing and sales; the HR department has a great role to play in creating customer excellence. In...

    When Wellness Programs Go Overboard
    11 Oct
    When Workplace Health & Wellbeing Programs Go Overboard

    Welcome to the era of wellbeing! A time in which people watch what they eat, how many hours they sleep, track their calorie intake, and pretty much any food they ingest to the point of turning into an obsession. Nowadays, more and more employers encourage their...

    Why do we recruit the wrong people?
    04 Oct
    Why Do We (So) Often Recruit the Wrong People?

    A candidate is generally judged based on the success of his previous work experiences. But many times, once the new hire has started in his role, we realise that he is failing to perform and meet requirements. Too late though, our judgment has led to...

    Vendor Consolidation: Benefits for HR
    03 Oct
    Why You Should Consolidate Your HR Technology Stack

    The rise of the highly specialised HR tech market has led a large number of organisations to work with a multitude of HR solutions to carry their day-to-day workforce management and strategy planning. One of the biggest mistakes companies make when choosing their HR suite vendor...

    24 Signs You're Dealing with a Difficult Employee
    28 Sep
    24 Signs You’re Dealing with a Difficult Employee

    One day or another, all managers will encounter a difficult employee they will have to deal with. The situation might announce itself as a nightmare for some who are already familiar with it. These gruelling characters, who systematically challenge management figures, act maliciously by either...