Australian HR Software sets the HRIS standard - EmployeeConnect HRIS
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Australian HR Software sets the HRIS standard

For small to middle sized enterprises (SMEs) looking for a competitive edge in their industry, EmployeeConnect’s new HR software platform Cirrus could be the answer.

The product still includes the popular Core HR functions of EmployeeConnect’s other key products, but comes perfectly designed with additional features built specifically for SMEs.

The out-of-the-box Australian HR Software contains software capable of assisting any small business with HR related processes, including integrated workflow, online communications, payroll systems and employee leave documents. Cirrus can also be integrated into most existing payroll systems with ease to assist any HR managers that are struggling with mountains of paperwork.

Additional HR modules can be added to Cirrus at any point as the business grows and develops, providing full scalability and further assistance with recruitment, health and safety, and professional development.

HRIS specialist at EmployeeConnect Kate Larkin says HR Software, Cirrus is an excellent solution for any business looking to take its first step towards transferring their HR processes to an online platform.

“A lot of people are either looking for something new or something they have never used before and they are just using Excel spreadsheets or paper,” she said.

“It basically streamlines the HR process for a business. We look for 50 employers upwards, the more the better,”

Cirrus, which has been through five years of testing and development, has already helped a number of Australian Small Business and received an overwhelmingly positive reception thus far.

Ms Larkin explained how Cirrus is a massive boost for retaining talent within the business and offering training opportunities.

“I know that HR departments have a lot of recruitment to fulfil,” she said.

“Also if a company does a lot of training, that module is there to be lodged. There is [also] a workflow system so it has to go through authorisation if a manager has to sign something off.”

Enterprises can use Cirrus to match their HR process against their overall business structures and strategies to get an accurate reading on their place in the market. This said, it is also extremely catered towards employees and HR managers who can access self-service areas and reporting functions through secure logins.

“These workflow processes are all trackable and can all be reported on, so it eliminates errors that can happen with paper-based products,” Ms Larkin said.

Cirrus is truly an all-round Software-as-a-Service solution which can help all areas of the business, from the HR department to senior management, save time, money and become more productive as a result. Schedule  a demo today!

Ari Kopoulos

CEO at EmployeeConnect