Are you Neglecting Your Staff by Not Hiring from Within?
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Are you neglecting your staff by not hiring from within?

When it comes to hiring new staff, the first step many HR managers take is to list advertisements to see what the outside world can offer their company.

While there’s nothing wrong with this strategy, it has already overlooked a major talent pool – your current team. It’s always worth assessing the value of hiring internally, especially as skills gaps put the squeeze on hiring processes around the world.

Recruitment firm Robert Half discussed the benefits of hiring internally, and how it could be the solution that’s been right under your nose the whole time.

‘New position’ doesn’t have to mean ‘new person’

While the benefits these arrangements offer to companies have been fleshed out above, Robert Half makes sure to point out that this relationship is “mutually beneficial”.

The firm believes internal hiring processes allow companies to access talent that has already established itself, with these people often proving they are capable and willing to move up when given the opportunity – attributes that can be tracked with HRMS software.

This new role for them doesn’t necessarily have to be in the same department either, as some may relish the challenge a different path can offer. According to Robert Half, this can reduce the likelihood of them seeking new opportunities  on offer from another business.

Executive Director of Robert Half Paul McDonald continued the argument for moving capable staff between departments instead of hiring externally.

“The business knowledge and experience a professional brings from a different department in your company could be the keys that unlock innovative solutions to your toughest problems,” he said.

“He or she also won’t likely make recommendations or base decisions on the ‘way we’ve always done things around here’.”

The positives for employees include all of the excitement, appeal and challenges of tackling a new role without having to settle in with a whole new company.

Ari Kopoulos

CEO at EmployeeConnect