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3 tips for using social media as a recruitment tool

As businesses begin to form an online presence through social media, some may wonder if they can use it for more than just advertising. A growing trend is emerging which involves companies using social media platforms for recruitment.

Brand consistency

This tip is for general best practice as well as recruitment, and is essential to create authoritative social networks that jobseekers can be sure are legitimate. Keeping pages across all online social platforms looking the same means there is no chance for prospective employees to mistake pages as being imposters.

Consistency across these mediums goes for tone and content as well, ensuring jobseekers receive the correct information.

Split up pages and accounts

While this may seem to be the domain of big businesses, it has a role to play for small to medium enterprises as well. A case study undertaken by Link Humans on L’Oreal highlighted how this can be done effectively.

L’Oreal has split their recruitment pages from the ones used for their general products, and then consequently divided them up by region.

This allows users to get what they want from each page, and avoids subjecting people to content they don’t want to see.

For smaller businesses who may not need to split up pages like this, it’s still a valuable lesson in using different mediums to service specific portions of your followers.

Keep track of results

A handy feature of most social networks is the ability to track engagement in some way. Whether through ‘likes’ on Facebook or views on Youtube, there is generally a method for ensuring your message is being received by the right people.

It’s also important to keep track of important engagement statistics within the business. Programs like HRMS software make it easy to keep track of recruitment processes and other HR responsibilities.

Ari Kopoulos

CEO at EmployeeConnect