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2015 skills in demand revealed

The start of the new calendar year is always an interesting one for businesses. Possibly on the back of departures at the end of 2014, January shapes up to be an important time for recruitment.

With many businesses in the same position, competition will be fierce so it helps to understand what demand looks like in the wider job market.

In a January 12 media release, recruitment firm Hays revealed that businesses require employees with the ability to work smarter, not harder. As functions become streamlined, it is important for individuals to spot time or cost inefficiencies and be able to offer solutions moving forward.

Nick Deligiannis, managing director of Hays in Australia and New Zealand indicated that 2015 will be a strong year for recruitment.

“All departments now need people who can analyse performance, review and improve processes, reduce costs and increase efficiencies,” he said.

“From commercial analysts in the accountancy department, to business analysts in the IT team and business development managers in the sales department, the focus this year will be on improving the existing ways of operating while reducing costs.”

Where do the challenges lay?

With many employers seeking candidates from the same talent pool, businesses will be to remain competitive throughout the recruitment process.

If this isn’t the case, vacancies can be delayed pushing away possible candidates. A slow process will also create more stress and paperwork for the HR department, something to be avoided as the business moves through the gears at the beginning of the year.

To avoid this, it’s recommended businesses invest in HRMS software. Through the recruitment module, the job placement process can be a breeze and allow the company to take full advantage of the in-demand skills of 2015.

Ari Kopoulos

CEO at EmployeeConnect